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                Wonder Rhiva Held Launch Meeting of Major Special Project 2021-03-23
                Jinzhou Wanyou Was Awarded Manufacturing Individual Champion 2021-01-19
                Jinheng Supplies Safety System Products for Jiangling Ford SUV 2020-12-15
                Wonder Group welcomes you to 2020 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition 2020-09-27
                Wonder Group Realized Stable Growth in the 1st Half of 2020 2020-08-05
                Jinzhou Halla Rebounded in Pandemic Time 2020-04-29
                Wonder Group Actively Fulfilled Export Orders after Work Resumption 2020-04-23
                South Korean Client and Jinzhou Halla Fight COVID-19 Together 2020-04-22
                Wonder Group Concentrates on Production and Epidemic Control 2020-02-28
                Wonder Group Attended Frankfurt Motor Show 2019 2019-09-25
                Wonder Group welcomes you to the 68th International Motor Show 2019-09-02
                President of Wonder Group Attend the 13th Davos World Economic Forum 2019-07-10
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